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Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love. We only hire the best caregivers! Here when you need us.

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Infinity Mobile Care commits to raising the standard of home care and health overall. As we deliver care to our communities, it is important to us to be constant and above average. Our standards are there to ensure our clients receive safe, skilled, professional support with the highest level accountability.

Take comfort in knowing your caregivers are:

Accessible To A Nurse 24/7
Trained Ongoing


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Application are reviewed to ensure they meet our minimum requirements like certificates, experience and skills

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Initial Interview

Interviews review all experience, qualifications, skill and medical requirements.

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Second Interview

Interview dives deeper into individuals sense of professionalism,personality,and critical thinking.

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In-Person Interview

Every caregiver is met for a face to face and carefully screened.

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Security Checks

Document verification,reference checks,background screening and medical checks.

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Once hired,every caregiver attends our orientation session,where they learn about best care practices and company policy and procedures.

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Caregiver Matching

Caregivers are matched with clients based on experience, skill and clients needs

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Ongoing Training

We provide our caregivers with access to in-person and online training courses specializing in diffrent medical topics.

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves of providing the utmost customer service and quality care.
Our Care Managers along with our quality assurance team listen to you.
We promise your concerns will be heard.
After each visit with your caregiver you will have the opportunity to rate your caregiver.
A low rating will be flagged to our care managers and quality team.
They will reach out to you to hear your
concerns and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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Why rate your caregiver you may ask?

Having families and clients rate the caregiver puts accountability on your caregiver to
ensure they are punctual, professional, and competent. This rating and feedback also
allows Infinity Mobile Care see where improvement needs to be made. High ratings give
us the opportunity to recognize our awesome team members.
As much as we like our caregivers to be accountable, Infinity Mobile Care as a whole
takes your safety and care as our top priority. Help us, help our community!